Non-woven bags

Non-woven bags


The material as a result of polymerization is obtained from crude oil. This material is suitable for reprocessing. In addition to the organic qualities it also has many other advantages:

  • CAPACITY – they are big enough to accommodate multiple products,
  • DURABILITY – that let you transport. 10-15 kg of products,
  • REUSABILITY – the average life of the bags is 2 years, so bags are designed for multiple use,
  • PROTECTION – of bought goods from being crushed is provided by a special reinforcement on the bottom,
  • RESISTANCE – to washing, action of acids, bases, salts and other substances,
  • CONVENIENCE – in usage due to their strong handles which allow you to carry it on the shoulder as well as in your hand,
  • FASHION – bags are aesthetic and they are both environmentally friendly and fashionable. They can successfully fulfil its function such as in the shop, on the road or on the beach.





Standard product (available immediately):

- Polipropylen: 90g/m2

- Size: 34×34x20

- Grip: long

- Bottom: plastic

- Print: GREEN TEAM or no print

- Packaging: 150 pcs./box

























Order-only product with Your logo

Produced domestically

Highest quality material (we use european materials) and sewing, affordable price, short realization time. The bag can be customized according to Your needs – size, shape, colour, logotype, minimal quantity: 500 pcs, realization time from 5 days
















Order-only product with Your logo

Produced in Asia

Very good material and sewing quality, low price, longer waiting time – Our bag can be customized according to Your needs in terms of size, shape, colour, logotype. Approximate realization time from 65 days, minimal quantity: 10 000 pcs.























Nonstandard product

Bags available only by request, in unusual shapes and forms, with Your logo. They can be made both in Asia and domestically. Realization time and minimal quantity arranged individually.